Winter Caravanning Tips | Caravanning in the Off-Season

Winter Caravanning Tips – Go on a Winter Caravan Adventure!

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Winter holidays are often overlooked in the UK – especially relating to caravan holidays. There’s a number of benefits and things to expect to enjoy on a winter caravan holiday as well as tips that you can follow to maximise your fun whilst on the road – get the most out of your holiday and stay safe if you experience more extreme temperatures or weather conditions. Summer and winter holidays are very different – especially when going on a caravan holiday but there are a range of exciting things to do on a winter caravan holiday.


This article offers some top tips on going on a winter caravanning holiday as well as the ways in which you can enjoy a winter caravan holiday and enjoy the adventure and excitement of the great outdoors in the beauty of the winter months.


Why Should I Go on a Winter Caravanning Holiday?


When thinking about a caravan holiday – the first thought that springs to mind may be a trip in which you pitch up – enjoy the sun and travel to the beach or have an amazing BBQ by your wonderful tourer. Although there is no doubt that summer caravanning holidays are a huge amount of fun with the whole family – winter caravan holidays are equally as amazing for reasons that you may not have considered before. Here are some reasons why you should go ahead and organise a winter caravanning holiday:


  1. Get Away From the Crowds


There’s no doubt that the off-season is less busy and crowded than the summer months – which is a great reason to consider a winter caravan holiday. The great outdoors is equally as beautiful – with some great wildlife to see and great attractions to visit after pitching up on site. Having less people to deal with and visiting attractions that are less crowded is one of the great attractions of choosing to go on a winter caravan holiday.


1. Enjoy Lower Prices & Discounts


The off-season is a slow season for many businesses – who will be glad to have custom during the winter. This coupled with less busy places means that you can go out and eat for less. This is great for those who want to enjoy their holiday and like eating at restaurants as these will typically be cheaper than the summer – where the high season attracts increased prices and demand. Campsites also tend to lower their prices, which means that you can do more with your holiday budget!


2. Get Away from Suburban Life


Getting away from the lights and bustle of the city can be extremely relaxing – especially on a caravanning holiday. The winter sky can be extremely clear – where lack of light pollution has a huge factor in being able to see the night sky. This is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the great outdoors – while getting away from the hustle and bustle of city living.

3. Wonderful Hearty Meals


One of the best things about the winter months is getting cosy and warm after a busy day. With access to local produce and markets – you will be able to make an array of great meals that are perfect for a cold winter’s day. Your touring caravan is truly a home away from home so you can utilise your heating system and other methods to make your caravan extremely cosy and inviting in the cold weather.


4. Making Changes to Your Regular Caravanning Schedule


Going ahead and making the change and arranging for a winter caravanning holiday is a great way to make a change and enjoy a new type of caravanning holiday. Switching things up and swapping the sun for the crisp cold air can be the perfect way to relax and make an interesting change to your normal caravan holiday – creating an amazing adventure for you and the family to enjoy. Make lasting memories for years to come on a wonderful winter caravan holiday!


5. Preparing for a Winter Caravan Adventure


It’s important to bear in mind that the weather conditions and journey on the road can become more difficult in the winter months. This is especially apparent when there is frost or ice on the road or there are extreme conditions such as snow that can make the roads more dangerous. This should not put you off though – as there are several different measures and precautions that you can take to ensure that you are prepared while on the road. Driving on the road on the winter should be very safe but if you do experience some unexpected or extreme weather – the following preparation tips and tasks can help you and keep you safe on the road:


Preparing Your Towing Vehicle


Your towing vehicle is one of the things that will take the strain the most whilst on your journey. You can make preparations for your towing vehicle such as checking the relevant tyre pressure and making sure that your tourer is securely attached to your vehicle before starting your journey. Be careful not to overload your tourer or vehicle as this could affect your stability on the road – which can be dangerous in icy conditions. Considering winter tyres could be a way to increase stability and traction on the road. If you are thinking of a trip to a remote area – these can be a great consideration for your vehicle. In mild weather – you can get away with regular tyres but they are invaluable should you be expecting harsh conditions or remote locations.


It’s really important to make sure your vehicle is ready for any long trip and that it is in top condition. Carry out checks such as checking the oil level of your vehicle and your coolant is at the correct level. Make sure that you bring relevant equipment to deal with the frost or ice such as an ice-scraper.


Preparing Your Caravan for Your Trip

Radio in Caravan

Checking the condition and tyre pressure of your caravan is also of the utmost importance as you are also transporting this on the road. You may also want to think about servicing your caravan before the trip if you haven’t arranged for a service in a while to make sure everything has been checked before you set off.


You will want to prepare for every eventuality as well. Pack a portable snow shovel if you suspect that you are going to encounter snow on your journey and make sure that you have carried out research on what the weather is likely going to be like throughout your holiday. It may be best to pack a shovel just in case. 


You should also consider packing a torch should it become dark or you lose power as well as food, water and warm clothing to keep you warm and safe if your vehicle breaks down in the cold. Vehicles can have starting issues in cold conditions so this can protect you should the worst occur. It makes sense to be prepared for every eventuality and making sure that your caravan and vehicle are in top condition may not be enough to prevent a breakdown or forced stoppage. 


Have you got an exciting winter caravan trip planned or are looking to go on your first winter caravanning trip. Let us know if you find or found any of our tips helpful!