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Alu-Tech Caravan Design

The Alu-Tech construction system is a system that is the first of its kind in the UK. This system is a system in which individual body shell components all contribute to the overall strength of the structure of the caravan rather than just from the chassis and the floor of the caravan.

In the 1980’s the first sandwich construction body shell panels saw inclusion in leisure vehicle design and production which was a step in a new direction for leisure vehicle design and technology. With this technology developing and advancing at a fast pace 30 years after the original design was introduced Bailey was asking “is there a better way?”

The Bailey design brief was to create a construction system producing a leisure vehicle that has increased warmth and dryness due to an increase in waterproofing. This needed to be achieved whilst also making a more durable and robust system which is more stable and aerodynamic but without the weight penalty that may be caused by introducing these features.

This means that you receive a leisure vehicle that has been extensively tested and offers greater protection against the elements. This system is so unique that over 100 bespoke tools were required to build the system and 5 new patents registered for the advanced design that was developed.

Alu Tech Technology Swansea
Bailey Alu Tech

In regards to your caravan, an all terrain caravan was developed which utilised the strengths that are offered by the Alu-Tech construction system. As discussed from the Alu-Tech page:

Stronger Shell

  • Structural support supplied by external framework
  • Five part panel as opposed to nine part panel assembly system
  • Panel thicknesses of: Sides 37mm, Ceiling 31mm & Floor 44mm (30% thicker than current production panels)
  • Panels manufactured using superior bead application laminating technology for a stronger more consistent bond
  • Panels cloaked in a single sheet impact resistant aluminium or GRP skin (range specific)
  • Integral bonded windows and exterior service doors provide additional structural support
  • As a result the caravan is supplied with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty and an extended bodyshell integrity guarantee* to provide you with long term peace of mind.

More Stable Shell

  • More aerodynamic profile with a single piece front and roof panel
  • Absence of front and rear plastic cloaking panels in the new design means less weight at the extremities of the structure
  • As a result the caravan is inherently more stable on the road with a YAW Inertia value 10% lower than a classic construction model
  • In Bailey tests there has also been a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency when towing with an Alu-Tech caravan making it a more economic vehicle to own

Lighter Shell

Alu-Tech bodyshell is 50kgs lighter than the equivalent classic construction version.

For more information please visit this page:

The Alu-Tech system is a leading construction system and brings a huge amount to the table when using a Bailey caravan for your holidays.