Getting Started With Your Bailey Caravan


Congratulations on purchasing your Bailey Caravan. Before you begin and head out on the road, there are a number of aspects you need to think about to keep you and your family safe. This owners guide is the perfect way to learn how to operate your caravan whilst on and off the road.

Take a look at this detailed video from Bailey of Bristol. Please find timestamps for the video to help you navigate the video below. Check out our fantastic selection of caravans for sale in Swansea, including the beautiful series 5 range of Bailey Unicorn caravans, as well as the Bailey Alicanto Grande and many more, both new and used. If you are living in Cardiff and are searching for caravans for sale in Cardiff, then why not visit us just down the road? After all, we are the number one caravan dealership in the whole of South Wales.



0:00 – Introduction

0:42 – Tyres & Wheels

1:10 – Gas Safety

1:30 – Checks Before Driving/Towing

2:35 – Hitching Up

4:15 – Driving With Your Caravan

4:48 – Pitching Up

7:35 – Getting Resources on Site (water)

9:27 – Setting Up Bailey Caravan Appliances

11:04 – Using Owner’s Manual

12:00 – Packing & Leaving