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Caravan Awnings

Whatever awning you require, you’ll find it at Blazers or Sunnyhaven of Swansea. We have a great selection of caravan awnings on show at our Blazer’s showroom to ensure that you can find your ideal awning.

We also have a fine range of AIRBeam, Kampa, Dorema & Camp Tech awnings & Porches in our covered display above our fine accessory store.

Using your caravan for holiday accommodation is a fantastic endeavour however you may find that you have limited floorspace. Awnings can be used to increase the living space that you have available on holiday or travelling. Choosing your new awning is quite similar to selecting a tent as you will need to decide on the material of your awning, if you need a groundsheet and which poles you wish to utilise. Also, why not check out our fantastic range of used caravans for sale in Swansea that are currently at the Blazers and Sunnyhaven sites? We have some of the best caravans for sale in South Wales and the same can be said for our quality selection of awnings.

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A full awning allows for comfortable, spacious living conditions no matter what the weather. These spacious awnings can even include extra sleeping cabins and removable panels. Should you feel that you require more space for your caravanning holidays then a full awning is the awning for you.

A porch awning is a smaller alternative to the full awning. These porches can be used for a range of situations, such as in bad weather or as a storage area. They are also great for separating beach equipment and for sitting outside with a table if it is raining.

Whatever your budget, there’s a style of awning that’s ideally suited for you. If you are looking for a spacious luxurious awning then why not consider a full awning? Need a storage area after a busy day out of the campsite? Consider purchasing a porch for your caravan.

The team at Bailey Caravans are readily available to advise you on all aspects of your awnings. We can advise you on which style of awning is appropriate for your requirements as well as demonstrate the range that we have to offer you.

New Caravan Awnings Swansea

As well as offering a fantastic range of awnings, we also offer a range of awning accessories to help you when you are on your next caravanning adventure. We also offer a wide range of awnings from major manufacturers so you know that the caravan awnings that we have to offer are of the highest quality. There are a range of different types of awnings that are available and your requirements may decide which type of awning is appropriate for you on your caravanning holidays.

Consider a full awning if you want to double the living area of your caravan. These awnings are large structures that are similar to tents which give a large additional living space or storage space when you are travelling with your caravan. These full awnings are constructed out of a variety of fabrics and come in different qualities and sizes. Some awnings also have designated sleeping areas as well as removal panels to enjoy the sunshine whilst you are on holiday.

Think about purchasing a porch awning if you want a smaller awning compared to a full awning. The fact that a porch awning is smaller than a full awning means that they are generally easier to erect and faster to setup. These awnings can still be used as storage areas and can even be used to keep the wind and rain away from the entrance to your caravan.

Canopy awnings can be permanent or temporary arrangement and these are fixed to the side of your caravan. Permanent canopy awnings unfurl and usually have a few integral lows which fold down to become legs which makes sure that the canopy awning remains stable. You can also fit fabric walls to a canopy awning to enclose the space underneath but this is generally a feature of the more expensive canopy awnings that are available.

Caravan Awning FAQs

What can I put in a caravan awning?

Setting up your caravan awning should include making it as comfortable and liveable as possible. Whether you are new to camping or not there is something you can benefit from, here’s a list of things to put inside your awning:

  • Camping Furniture
    Make your awning a comfortable space with folding chairs, tables, or even a cozy outdoor lounge suite
  • Flooring:
    If you are one for comfort and cleanliness whilst caravaning, get yourself an awning carpet or a removable groundsheet.
  • Cooking Equipment
    Depending on the size of your awning, you can create a mini outdoor kitchen with compact stoves, grills, and mini fridges.
  • Lighting
    Improve the atmosphere of your caravan. Guarantee safety during nighttime with portable LED lights, lanterns, even fairy lights, extra points if they are solar-powered!
  • Entertainment
    Keep boredom at bay with the family by bringing along games, books, or other outdoor entertainment options for downtime.
  • Storage
    Organise your awning space with shelves or storage units, ensuring that everything has its designated spot.
  • Heating and Cooling
    Depending on the weather, pack a portable heater or fan to keep a comfortable temperature inside the awning.

What choice of materials are there for caravan awnings?


Awnings are usually made out of acrylic, polyester, or cotton, with some options having a roof made of one material and sides of another. Acrylic is the best choice of material due to its resistance to shrinking, rotting, and fading. However, it is more expensive and susceptible to condensation. Polyester, while not as hard wearing, shares some of cotton’s breathability. Precision stitching and reinforced seams are essential, and nylon zips are the industry standard. Spiral zips provide smooth action, especially in round corners.

Are air awnings good in the wind?


Air awnings have gained popularity due to their convenience and their simple set up. However, their tolerance in windy conditions is based on a few factors:

  • Wind Strength
    Air awnings can handle moderate winds, but may struggle in really strong gusts. It’s important to review the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding wind speed limits and stick to them!
  • Proper Anchoring
    To guarantee stability, anchor your air awning using suitable pegs and guy lines. Make sure that all connections and valves are airtight.
  • Positioning
    Take into consideration the direction of the wind when setting up your awning. Positioning it strategically can help minimise the wind.
  • Weather Forecast
    Keep an eye on the weather forecast during your trip and be prepared to quickly disassemble your awning if strong winds are mentioned.