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5 Tips for your Caravan Holiday in the UK

Caravanning is a popular holiday choice for many UK residents who own a caravan. If you own a caravan or are thinking about purchasing a caravan then use these tips for your next holiday to be prepared, save time and enjoy your holiday as much as possible!

Choosing the Right Caravan Destination

Choosing the right destination for your caravan holiday is arguably the most important tip in this blog post. Not only is the location you choose important, but also the caravan park you choose to stay at. Choosing the right place will ensure you have the best time possible when camping!

In the UK there are countless amazing caravan spots from Cornwall through to Somerset, Gwen-y-Bwlch and Cardiff in Wales, and even up to Bunree in Scotland. Many of these areas have breathtaking views, amazing history, prehistoric buildings, sandy beaches and much more, making them the perfect place to go camping. Choosing a destination with nearby destinations or activities will make your holiday that much more enjoyable. 

As well as location, you want to make sure that you choose a suitable caravan park to go to. Many caravan parks are tailored towards specific individuals. An example of this would be family-friendly campsites, adult-only campsites, quiet campsites, dog-friendly campsites and more. You should always choose a suitable campsite for your requirements or your holiday may not go as planned. 

Create a Packing Check List for Your Holiday

When going camping, you should create a comprehensive list of items and clothing that you need. Creating a checklist allows you to be prepared, save time, avoid stress and that feeling of knowing you have forgotten something but can’t work out what that item is.  

You can get camping packing checklist inspiration online but the main necessities would be the right clothing appropriate to wear, kitchen utensils, snacks and food, bedding, toiletries, suncream, camping chairs etc.

If you want to avoid forgetting items or even overpacking with unnecessary stuff then you should create a packing checklist for your caravan holiday. 

Ensure your Caravan is Ready for the Road 

Before setting off for your destination, you should ensure your caravan is road-ready. Taking your caravan for a test drive, especially if it’s a new purchase, is important as it allows you to get comfortable and used to driving before a long journey. Your holiday is for relaxing so you don’t want to be stressed by something you have no experience with. 

Pack your Caravan Securely and Safely 

To avoid having to pull over halfway through your journey because of your poorly packed caravan, you need to make sure it’s packed securely and safely before leaving. 

Before hitting the road, secure all loose items inside the caravan to prevent them from moving when driving. Even weight distribution is also important to prevent the caravan from swaying while towing. Heavier items should be placed low and over the axle. Avoid putting items in cabinets if possible, or make sure they are locked or secured shut till arrival. 

You should follow a towing guideline when towing your caravan to minimise any risk of accidents or damage to your caravan or items inside, while on the road. Follow and maintain proper road safety to enjoy your adventures!

Prepare for Any Weather Conditions 

You should plan and prepare for the appropriate weather conditions for your weekend ahead. You can always look at weather apps but these aren’t always 100% accurate so you may want to bring some extra layers even if the weather is supposed to be warm. Sun cream in the warmer months is also a must!

Final Thoughts 

  • Choose the right caravan destination 
  • Create a packing checklist for your holiday 
  • Ensure your caravan is road-ready 
  • Pack your caravan safely and securely 
  • Prepare for any weather conditions 


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