Exploring the Best Caravan Spots in Wales | 2024 Guide

The Best Caravan Spots in Wales to Visit in 2024 

Let’s explore some of the best caravan spots in Wales. We’ll take a look at South Wales, Mid Wales and North Wales and discover each region’s unique benefits to see what area is the best for you. Each area has its own history, scenic views, adventures, landscapes, beaches and more so let’s decide which part of Wales you should go caravaning. 

South Wales Caravan Spots

South Wales has over 150 caravan parks, an amazing coastline, stunning architecture and castles, and plenty of outdoor activities, making it the ideal place for your caravan adventure in Wales. With Newport and Cardiff being the main cities of South Wales, they are great destinations to visit and explore in the day for shopping, food, pubs and many more.  

There are many caravan spots along the coastline in South Wales including Swansea Bay, Gower Peninsula and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Campervanning near the coastline is the perfect experience for seaside lovers. Waking up near the shoreline allows you to head down to the beach with no inconvenience to play with friends and family in the sand and sea, or simply relax in the sun if that’s more of your style. 

Each area along the South Wales coastline has many caravan sites for all demographics including family-friendly spots, dog-friendly sites, quiet sites and sites with more of an atmosphere. If camping near the sea is your style, then South Wales may be the ideal area in Wales for you. 

Best Mid Wales Caravan Places 

Mid Wales has amazing historic areas and spectacular scenery. Mid Wales is the perfect place to set up camp as there’s something that everybody will enjoy. It has amazing historic towns, ruins, castles and forts to adventure too and explore. It has amazing landscapes, rivers and hills, with beautiful countryside but also a busy city life for those who prefer more action.

There are plenty of campsites in Mid Wales to choose from. Some of the best campsites to choose from are Henllan Caravan Park, Spring Rock Holidays, Pwllyn Farm Camping and Gwerniago Campsite. If you like adventure, history and beautiful scenery then Mid Wales would be the perfect area in Wales for caravaning. 

Best North Wales Caravan Spots 

North Wales is home to amazing mountain landscapes and some of the country’s most stunning scenery. There are plenty of caravan spots alongside the coastline, perfect for those who are seeking a caravan site near the seaside with sandy beaches, ragged cliffs and seaside villages to visit. 

North Wales has the perfect balance between historic places to visit, seaside towns and beaches and also scenic destinations including the famous Mount Snowdon. 

With many choices to choose from, here are some of the best caravan parks in North Wales with amazing scenic views and beautiful nature nearby. Bryn Gloch, Nantcol Waterfalls, Tyn-yr-Onnen Farm and Campsite, Tyn Cornel Camping and Cefn Coed. 

Final Thoughts 

Wales is an amazing place with so many caravan spots to choose from. Every region of Wales holds its own features and there’s an area and campsite that everyone can enjoy. 

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