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UK Staycation Ideas For 2022

Although the pandemic is coming to an end with international flights departing again, staycations still remain popular among Britons this year. The chaos in airports due to staff shortages and the high fuel prices caused by the war in Eastern Europe has made people look for staycation ideas. While most of us dream about going on holiday abroad, sometimes we forget what the UK has to offer. Whether you buying your first caravan or you already have one in this guide, we picked some of the best places for you to have staycation inspirations. Let’s hope that the last of the summer will be full of sunshine this year.

What is a Staycation?

The term staycation become very popular during the pandemic when international travel was restricted so people decided to stay in their own homes or home country and enjoy all the things they can found.

Tenbypicture displaying Tenby shore line

Region: South West Wales

Great for: Families, Beaches, Holiday Parks, Couples, Camping, Friends

The town of Tenby with its colourful buildings, narrow streets, sandy beaches and seaside restaurants is a real hidden gem in Pembrokeshire, Wales. When you walk around in the sunshine you get the feeling of being abroad. 

No matter whether you’re a family with young kids, a couple or a group of friends, Tenby it’s the perfect place for a beautiful and relaxing staycation, especially if you take your touring caravan with you. 

Things to do in Tenby:

Tenby has four popular sandy beaches you can choose from with plenty of space enough for everyone. Our favourite is Castle Beach as being one of the largest, perfect for families. The water is super clear and great for swimmers or those who love paddleboarding. Should you want to skip the beach and see something else you can plan to visit The Dinosaur Park or the Manor Wildlife Park


Lake District

Image displaying a very scenic part of the Lake District

Region: North West Englands

Great for: Families, Couples, Camping, Friends

If you’re not fun of beaches and you would rather spend some time in the mountains, Lake District in Cumbria would be a great staycation idea for you. Unlike on the beach where you would sit and relax all day, here you can go for long walks and climb hills. Also, if you enjoy driving, cruising through Lake District can offer one of the best driving experiences in the UK. 

Despite Lake District’s popularity among families, it would also be an excellent choice for couples with a touring caravan as it can be romantic as well. 

Things to do in Lake District:

Being around lakes you should take your time and go on boat rides, Ullswater Lake or Lake Windemere are among the most popular ones. But should you wish to have more privacy and quiet you might want to choose some smaller lakes that are not so popular. 

We also recommend a hiking tour to Aira Force waterfall, driving through Kirkstone pass and climbing to Scafell Pike which is the highest mountain in England.



Edinburgh at night time

Region: South East Scotland

Great for: Couples, Families, Friends

Should you live in the north of the country or planning a UK trip with your touring caravan, Edinburgh should certainly be on your map. This beautiful city might seem to be a bit far for some, but it’s certainly worth visiting. Especially if you’re a fan of Harry Potter you’ll be amazed by the beautiful sights this 1000-year-old city can offer. 

Things to do in Edinburgh:

Even if Harry Potter isn’t on the top of your favourite character’s list you may want to go where it all started. Besides, Edinburgh Castle and the National Museum of Scotland it’s a must-go if you’re there.

For those who would enjoy a pint, there are some traditional pubs in the old town and for those who love shopping, there are plenty of shopping opportunities around.


Picture of the old roman baths in Bath, England

Region: South West England

Great for: Couples, Friends

Bath with its 1600 years of history may not have as many spas as Budapest in Hungary or as many Castles as Prague in the Checz Republic. But if you want to save a bit of cash on the flight tickets and accommodation Bath is the city to go to. 

Bath gives home to the Thermae Bath Spa with an open-top pool and the famous Roman Bath which was converted to a museum. Walking in the old town sightseeing offers a beautiful scene of the Georgian era.

Things to do in Bath:

If you seek a relaxing day with aromatherapy and a little romance with your partner, The Thermae Bath Spa should be on the top of your list. There is a lot of sightseeing in Bath such as the old town, and the famous Bath Abbey church where the first king of England, Athelstan was crowned in 895 AD.


Now that we have highlighted some staycation ideas it is your turn now to get your touring caravan ready make sure you have all accessories needed and start your trip. Don’t forget going for a staycation option will not only save you some cash but also you will support local businesses. Should you be still unsure why would a staycation be a better decision, here are 6 reasons why you should choose a staycation.

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