Top Tips On How To Protect Your Caravan from Theft


Caravans are more than just possessions for most people out there. Caravans have allowed families to make wonderful memories together that will last a lifetime. They allow people to escape and to travel across the country, hitting the open road and immersing themselves in freedom and adventure. For many, caravans are a big part of a person’s lives which is why when people fall prey to theft, it can be a real distressing time. Caravan theft has unfortunately become very common, which is why we have put together some simple steps that you can carry out to ensure that your caravan is more safe and secure.

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Find A Secure Storage Facility 

If you have a static caravan, then there is much less concern around theft, as generally, caravan sites will have security and CCTV to ensure that caravans are safeguarded. However, this is down to the standards set within the caravan park and each site will differ in the levels of security that they provide. 


If you own a static caravan, generally, most people will not be putting their caravans into use frequently all year round and your caravan is likely to spend more time in storage. Finding a storage facility with optimal security should be a priority for caravan owners. Carry out some research on some storage facilities and look out for features such as CCTV, 24-hour on-site security, secured perimeter with fencing, security lighting and controlled access.

Keeping Your Caravan At Home

If you decide that you would rather keep your caravan at home as opposed to storing it at a storage facility, then there are some useful things that will help with providing more security against theft:

Secure Your Towing Hitch

A caravan hitch lock is one of the most common security tools that you can buy for your caravan. A hitch lock prevents thieves from hitching their cars to your caravan and driving away with it. You should aim to park it nose-first facing your house to make it less easy for thieves to hitch it to their cars. It’s always better to invest in the most professional security equipment, which is why in these cases, spending more money for more efficient security is necessary, as it could end up preventing you from losing your caravan.

Wheel Clamps

As well as a secure towing hitch, we advise that you also provide your caravan with a solid and compact wheel clamp. Unsurprisingly, a wheel clamp claps the tires of a touring caravan and stops the wheels from turning to prevent the caravan from moving.

Equip Your Caravan With A Tracking Device

Ensuring that you invest in a high tech tracking system as if you happen to find yourself in a position where your caravan has been stolen, a high-quality tracker will allow you to locate the exact location of your caravan, making the chances of recovering your caravan much more likely. To deter potential thieves from stealing your caravan, place a sticker on the outside of your caravan that displays that you have a tracker installed, this could very well determine whether or not you fall victim to a theft. 

Get An Alarm

Perhaps one of the simplest security solutions but often overlooked is installing a simple alarm. There are many sophisticated alarm devices now on the market which include motion sensor alarms, to tilting detection alarms.

How We Can Help You

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