What Are The Benefits Of Selling Your Caravan Through A Caravan Dealer?


Selling your caravan through a reputable dealer is one of the easiest, safest and undoubtedly hassle-free ways to sell your caravan and to get a fair price that you can be happy with. When you choose to sell your caravan through a trustworthy and reputable dealer, you can rest assured that the dealership will be more than capable of selling your caravan on your behalf.


In this article, we will outline some of the key benefits of selling your caravan through a dealer as opposed to selling your caravan privately by yourself. Looking for some caravans for sale in Cardiff or some caravans for sale in Swansea? Our caravan parks are located in Swansea, however, we service the whole of South Wales, so if you are from Cardiff, why not visit us just down the road?


Quick and easy


Opting to sell your caravan through a caravan dealership will save you a handful of time through this quick and easy process. You don’t have to spend your personal free time advertising your caravan and then having to talk with and arrange meeting times with potential buyers wanting to come and take a look at your caravan. With the dealership route, you can simply drop your caravan off at the dealership and be on your way.


The process of selling your caravan by yourself can be a lengthy process, where you may find that it could take months and months until you potentially sell it. Also, there is the likely risk of encountering time-wasting buyers along the selling process who can pull out at the point of sale to leave you high and dry.




One great benefit of selling a caravan through a dealer is just how hassle-free it really is. Reputable caravan dealers such as us here at Bailey Wales are experts when it comes to buying and selling caravans and have an in-depth knowledge of the caravan market. Dealers will be able to handle all the stressful paperwork for you and you can feel confident that with the expertise behind the dealer, you can receive a fast and easy sale. All you have to do is literally wait for your cash in hand or a transaction straight to your bank account.


If you happen to sell your caravan by yourself, you will be responsible for the title transfer, the bill of sale, and any other documents that come with the sale of a caravan. Not to forget that you will have to deal with the buyer’s paperwork and if you decide to allow a finance option, you will also have that to deal with.

A reasonable agreed price


If you decide to sell your caravan through a dealership you will most likely come away with a reasonable price that you will be able to agree on with the dealer. Most caravan dealerships will have accumulated plenty of years of industry knowledge and expertise surrounding the caravan market so will be able to determine the best price for your caravan at an agreed price.


We have been working closely with Bailey of Bristol for over sixty years so have an in-depth knowledge of caravans. Our team of caravan specialists will know what caravans and different specs are in demand on the caravan market and could very well offer you a better price than your caravan’s book price if you have made customisations to enhance your caravan.

Your privacy is protected


If you decide to sell your caravan privately as opposed to selling through a dealer you could be selling your caravan to potential scammers as ultimately, every potential buyer will be a complete stranger if you don’t know them. In this day and age, fraud is unfortunately very common and when you sell privately you run the risk of being targeted.


Selling your caravan through a dealership will also take out the part where you will have to meet potential buyers and have them come to view your caravan. Think about it, would you like complete strangers coming to your property to look at your caravan, or would you prefer the simple solution of selling through a dealership? 

Why choose us?


We are one of the most reputable caravan dealerships providing the best caravans for sale in South Wales and have come to receive a multitude of the most prestigious caravan awards over the past sixty years. With our extensive experience and expertise in caravans, we will be able to sell your caravan on your behalf at an agreed price that you can be more than happy with.


To enquire about our service, visit our ‘Sell My Caravan Swansea’ and ‘Sell My Caravan Cardiff’ pages. As well as our unique sell my caravan service, we also have a brilliant range of used caravans for sale in Swansea at our Blazers and Sunnyhaven showrooms, including the stunning Bailey Unicorn Series 5 range and the Bailey Alicanto Grande range.