The New Bailey Grande SE is a comfortable and capable caravan completed with the finest interior and exterior features. Let’s have a look at those, shall we?


The New Bailey Grande SE is a caravan for all seasons with its all-weather sustainability, Truma Combi blown air heating system, it’s a year-round adventure on wheels. With capacity for up to 6 people with varying layout options, the New Bailey Pegasus Grande SE in Swansea can fit your whole family in total comfort whether you holiday at home or abroad.


Innovative Features With Space & Comfort on the Road


Safety features are a priority on the New Bailey Pegasus Grande SE with an AL-KO stabiliser hitch and 14-inch TUV tested alloy wheels both as standard. With its lightweight design, the New Bailey Grande SE is accessible to a wider range of towing vehicles than some of its competitors in the marketplace.


Inside the cabin, its light and airy features offer a front skylight as well as a clever selection of USB charging points and 230v power sockets. All models come with mood lighting to complete the homely feel in a New Bailey Grand SE. Feel free to use the large 153-litre fridge and 700w microwave oven to make you all feel at home on the road. Oh, and we nearly forgot the Thetford grill and oven and the 100-watt solar panel for off-grid living.


The range suits a range of budgets – all built on a twin axel frame with double and single bed layouts to accommodate up to 6 persons in comfort.


The New Bailey Grande SE comes with, as standard a 6-year bodywork warranty and a 3-year manufacture warranty so you can caravan with confidence in your well-built home on wheels. Even the chassis is made from galvanised steel for your peace of mind.


You can also customize your New Bailey Grande SE with stability control systems and interior matching furnishings and bedding, just ask one of our caravan experts in Swansea to help.


Suited for First Time Caravanners & Seasoned Caravanners



The New Bailey Grande SE is ideal for first-time caravanners as it’s so easy to tow and also can be towed by a whole range of smaller vehicles rather than big, heavy, cumbersome 4 x 4’s. With its ease of use, both Mum and Dad will feel comfortable to drive which should give you a longer range to travel in for your holidays. Imaging setting from Swansea and within 24 hours setting up in the South of France, perfect for your caravanning summer holiday. Or even travelling to the Alps, with the combi blown air heating system just made for that environment. With the top of the range available for under twenty thousand pounds, easy to tow and fully fitted the New Bailey Grande SE is a breakthrough in caravanning for everyone.


Has this article on the New Bailey Grande SE opened your interest to a caravanning holiday? We hope it has as the UK and Europe is waiting for your visit. With such great family time available you and your family will love the feeling of being free to travel and pitch up wherever you want, whenever you want. With Scotland, Ireland, France, Belgium and Holland just on the doorstep waiting for your visit why delay?


You can find out about the New Bailey Grande SE at Bailey Wales in Swansea, visit our showroom, get a great deal and get advice from our friendly team of experts. With lots of different models to choose from and in stock feel free to visit today and start your next adventure.


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