Normandy Caravan Holiday | Locations Just 2 Hours from the French Port

Stunning Locations to Visit Just 2 Hours from the French Port



So you’ve just disembarked on the smooth journey across the channel and into France. With the amazing scenery as well as historical sites that surround you, you may be wondering just what are the best locations that you can visit just 2 hours away with your tourer. Having fond memories of trips around Mont St Michel & Deauville as well as tucking into some moule frites by the beach – one can assure you that there is truly a huge array of fun and exciting adventures that you can embark on when just disembarking from the ferry.


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History & Normandy’s Beaches



Few will not know about the historic significance of the beaches of Normandy. One of the key battles that turned the way in favour of the Allies in the West, D Day was one of the key moments in changing the course of the Second World War. Although you may want to visit the beaches to reflect and learn about their historic importance, there’s no doubt that the beaches themselves are absolutely beautiful. When the weather is hot, there are various areas in which you can enjoy a nice relaxing day at the beach and with beach bars and other designated areas, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a lovely relaxing time with all of the family or for a nice relaxing getaway alone or as a couple.


Live the High Life in Deauville




Deauville is on the Côte Fleurie in the Normandy Region and has been an upscale holiday destination since as long as the 1800s. Filled with horse races, golf courses and the grand casino – Deauville is definitely a place to consider visiting if you want to take a look at the high life. The architecture is fantastic – combining a 1920s boardwalk with bathing cabins at the beach to belle epoque villas. Deaville is also famous for being the host of the Deauville American Film Festival – this seaside resort is the perfect destination to look at the Hollywood and classic French influences.


Minas Tirith or Mont Saint-Michel?



Mont Saint-Michel



Although not quite as large as Tolkein’s mythical Minas Tirith, Mont Saint-Michel is a fortress commune situated on an iconic island. Boasting 2.5 million visitors per year and with over 1000 years of history, this is the perfect destination to tick off your list when travelling with your tourer. It’s perfect for a day visit and as you are visiting an island, you can get a completely different perception of the landmark at low and high tide. It’s important to plan the day as it can be very populated at busy times so it’s a great spot to visit when you have your caravan available. This makes the island a perfect visit should you be visiting Normandy with your tourer.


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