Saving Money on a Caravan Holiday | Holiday Money Saving Tips

Our Tips on Saving Money on a Caravan Holiday


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With the current situation on currencies especially in regards to exchange rates in other countries or if you are simply looking to reduce costs whilst going on holiday – there are ways in which you can save money easily during your caravan holiday. Whether you are looking to have a great time with your family or are looking to explore a new place or experience new memories – with these tips, you can do so and save money at the same time!


So read on to find out about our top tips on saving money during your caravan holiday. You may already know some of these tips but you never know there could be a tip that completely changes the way that you enjoy your next caravanning holiday! Got a tip that we didn’t mention in this article, let us know!


Before You Set Off on Holiday


There are a number of steps that you can take even before you hit the road that can save you money whilst on your journey to your next destination. These simple yet effective checks will make sure that your vehicle and caravan are efficient on the road and can help to make sure that you don’t run into any nasty surprises whilst travelling to your touring caravan destination. The initial checks that you can carry out are checks such as:


  • Check oil levels of your vehicle.
  • Check tyre pressure levels of your vehicle and touring caravan.
  • Carry out comprehensive checks on your caravan such as gas and general maintenance.


Carrying out these checks will reduce the fuel consumption of your vehicle as it’s important to bear in mind that towing your caravan will mean that your vehicle uses less fuel. Making sure that your vehicle is as fuel efficient as possible will mean that you can save money on travelling costs which can fund other parts of your holiday where you will inevitably need to spend money.


Prepare Food & Essentials Before You Leave


As we will discuss in other tips, in the high season tourist attractions and venues will be extremely busy. Businesses will also tend to increase prices during the high season to make up for the fact that they will have reduced business in less busy periods. Food and drink as well as essentials are one of the ways in which you could spend money fast. When thinking about food, consider packing a BBQ and food in your fridge that you will be able to cook while you are on-site. Instead of drinking at a bar that is close to the site, consider buying drinks and alcoholic beverages from local supermarkets or bring your own if this is permitted.


The same can be said for your essentials too. Ensure that you bring everything you need such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and cleaning essentials. This is because these could be expensive in areas in which shops may know that these will run out or have been forgotten and could therefore increase the prices of these items. Preparing items such as extra gas for your caravan will also mean that you won’t have to rush to find some at a campsite and you can find the best deals on gas and not have to rely on prices whilst on the road.


Decide to Go on a Caravanning Holiday!


The first step that you have likely already made up your mind on is deciding on and planning to go on a caravanning holiday. It’s no surprise that there are an estimated 550,000 touring caravans on the road all fully equipped to go on their next touring caravan adventure. These types of holidays can save you a huge amount of money in comparison to holiday packages and holidays in which you are having to pay for return flights. Caravanning – get up and go!


Selecting Your Meals & Food Preparation

English breakfast

Although it is nice to eat-out whilst on holiday, businesses and restaurants will be looking to capitalize on the high season. A great consideration to make is meals that you can cook in one pan for example – to reduce washing up. Instead of visiting a local pub or restaurant to eat a full English for breakfast – these can be cooked on-site to fill you up throughout the day at a fraction of the price. 


You will inevitably want to spend money on food such as ice cream when you are out and about on a lovely summer’s day but it’s important to bear in mind that these costs will quickly rack up, especially if you are eating out at restaurants and visiting popular tourist attractions. Fill up before you head out and take a set amount of cash when visiting an attraction to save money and have an awesome day out!


Choosing Tourist Destinations – Family Packages


There will likely be popular tourist attractions that you desperately want to visit during your holiday. You don’t have to restrict your holiday because you are looking to save money but there are other ways that you can approach visiting these destinations. Find out if the destination that you want to visit offers family discounts or special discounts on certain days. You can also balance an expensive day at an exciting attraction with an action packed day on the beach or walking and enjoying the countryside. One of the best things about a caravanning holiday is that they are extremely good for your health so a lot of natural exercise will make your holiday that much better and more enjoyable! 


Ensuring That You Have Caravan Insurance


Caravan insurance is another great way to save money, especially in the long run. Should anything happen to your caravan, you know that you are covered and that you are not exposed to losing money. You can also consider fitting additional security options such as burglar alarms and secure locking systems which will keep your prized personal possessions safe whilst you are away from your caravan. We have carefully selected Caravan Guard as its insurance partner and negotiated a special insurance discount on your behalf.


Caravan Guard insurance offers you competitive premiums with the reassurance of extensive policy benefits from Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc, one of the UK’s leading insurers. Professional service from people you can trust.


Joining the Caravan Club

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Joining the caravan club is also a great way to save money when going on a caravanning holiday. The club offers access to over 200 club sites and 2,500 privately owned places in the UK. There are special offers also available to save you money whilst on your caravanning holiday. This is, therefore, a great consideration if you are looking to save money whilst on your caravanning holiday.


With these various tips, you should be able to consider the potential things that can cost you a lot of money whilst on your caravanning holiday as well as how to save whilst having a wonderful caravanning holiday. If you use some of these tips or if you have read a tip that you are going to use on your next caravanning holiday then let us know! If you are looking for more advice when going on a caravanning holiday or are looking to purchase a new touring caravan then enquire with Bailey Wales using an online contact form on our website or give our team a call now on: 01792 64 33 26