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Post-Lockdown Holiday Destinations In The UK


Lockdown measures are slowly bring eased in throughout the UK, although there is still no certainty around the day when “life will return back to normal.” It almost feels like years ago when the lockdown was put into effect, now, months down the line, we are still being restricted on the things we can do.


Although it may be frustrating that we are unable to go abroad this year, we must remember, all these procedures are for a good cause. Lives are still at risk, and without these measures, a second spike could almost be certain. Going abroad has become such a part of our culture we find ourselves forgetting the beauty our own country has to offer. 


The UK is one of the most beautiful places on this planet. With such a diverse landscape we are able to enjoy some of the best views without even having to jump on a plane. For all of our caravan enthusiasts, we have put together a list of some of the most incredible UK tourist destinations, better yet, all of them are caravan friendly! 

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Wander The Gorgeous Cornwall Coastline


Cornwall Coastline


An all-time favourite holiday destination for many, Cornwall truly offers it all. Golden sand beaches, gin-clear water and some of the most beloved caravan parks in the country. What more could you ask for in a holiday destination?


Cornwall is located on the Southwest coast of the UK and is home to stunning destinations including Newquay, St Ives and the infamous Lands End. Where this destination separates itself from other seaside holiday destinations is when it comes to the powerful waves. Whether you a surfing advocate yourself or the little ones enjoy a spot of bodyboarding, this is definitely a destination for you should consider. 


Explore Sunny Somerset With Your Family




Visiting somerset is now as simple as crossing the bridge! A location which is known for its history and culture, this county is home to some extremely popular cities such as Bristol and Bath. If you enjoy balancing out your holiday with a little history, Somerset may just be the perfect destination for you. 


Somerset has a truly unique feel, its a destination like no other in the UK. This holiday option is full of history and culture. If you’re looking to escape the countryside lifestyle for a short getaway you should definitely take a look at visiting one of these popular cities. The busy city lifestyle may not be the most relaxing getaway but no doubt it will be an enjoyable one. 


Dive Into The Beauty of Dorset 




Definitely considered to be one of the more popular UK holiday destinations, Dorset has based just beneath Somsert but by no means are these two counties similar. The views and culture vary so dramatically, they could be two separate countries and you wouldn’t be able to tell otherwise. 


The stunning coastline and popular caravaning locations turn many caravan owners into advocates of this destination. Just this week thousands of people flock to the Dorset coastline just to catch a bit of a tan. Although this is a risk no one should be facing during these times, it should still be considered to be part of your holiday plans this year, when guidelines allow you to do so. 


Take A Hike Around The Luscious Lake District 


Lake District


The Lake District National Park is located only a short drive from Scotland, no surprise when you see the natural beauty of this place. Practically untouched when compared to other UK holiday destination, this is truly a special place and it will go on to hold special memories for anyone who chooses to visit. 


Famous for its fishing, these waters are home to a healthy population of brown trout, salmon and sea trout. That’s not it. The lake District has become an extremely popular hiking spot due to its vast number of trails and jawdropping views found over every hill. If you love yourself an outdoor holiday will then you’re in for a treat! Submerge yourself in nature by giving the magnificent Lake District a visit. 


Fall In Love With The Coast of Suffolk 


Southwold Pier on the Suffolk


The world-renown East Anglian country of Suffolk is famous for its incredible history and activities for all ages. Whether you visiting with young children or looking for a relaxing yet educational getaway, Suffolk is a destination you need to add to your checklist. 


Leave your home and start an adventure into the heart of Suffolk today. This destination is home to some really unique theme parks including Explore 4×4 and Go Ape, a prime example of two theme parks for two completely different age groups. Alternately, you can take a much slower day plan and go visit some of the historic buildings and gardens which are scattered through Suffolks gorgeous countryside. 


Find Out Why Kent Is The Garden of England 




Last but by no means the least, Kent, otherwise known as the Garden of England is based on the Southeast coast of England. You may have found that you have visited this destination before without even realising it. Home to the famous white cliffs of Dover, many travels to this destination every year to catch a ferry over to Calais in France to start their holiday abroad. 


Why not come and visit this place for more than just a quick hour or two whilst waiting around for a ferry. Kent has so much to offer, both outdoors and indoors. Regardless of the British weather, there will be no doubt that you have plenty to get on with. Canoe the wild rivers with your family or just take a casual segway tour of Leeds Castle. No matter what sort of activities tickle your fancy, kent will have an attraction that is perfectly tailored towards your family.


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