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It’s a sad sight indeed to admit that it’s the end of the summer and with this realisation, we unfortunately must brace for worsening weather conditions. Many caravaners enjoy their caravan in the summer as it allows them to go on exciting adventures, holidays for less than having to book a flight and hotels as well as a home away from home. Many put their caravans away in the autumn and winter months, storing their beloved caravans from the brunt of the weather outside. It might seem like a crazy suggestion but have you ever considered using your caravan in the autumn or winter? There’s a great deal of trips that you can go on and using your caravan in the off-season maximises the use of your caravan. In this article, we will discuss off-season caravanning as well as how you can enjoy using your caravan in the autumn and winter months. If you want more information speak to Bailey Wales (who provide caravans in Cardiff) or telephone our team directly now on: 01792 64 33 26

Using Your Caravan Instead of Committing it to Storage

Depending on your storage arrangements, you may be having to pay for a storage solution for your caravan or you may have your own storage area. As a caravan can be very valuable, you’ll need a secure storage area if you pay for storage and will need to tighten your own security if you have your own storage area. Both have costs associated with it and your caravan will depreciate over time (lose value naturally as it becomes older.) Having your caravan sit in a storage area for the entirety of the off-season may build up damp and depreciate your caravan in a season where you could be out and enjoying some new adventures with your caravan. There’s a lot of reasons to go caravanning in the off-season and some sound even more exciting and inviting than activities in the summer months.

Consider Caravanning During the Off-Season

The summer months can draw huge amounts of interest to your favourite location and this can put a damper on your caravanning holiday. You will most likely end up having some of the great countryside to yourself on a caravanning trip during the autumn or winter and won’t have to worry about crowds of people around camping locations. The off-season also offers reduced prices (as these are designed to attract visitors.) You can also check for sites that are open all year to make sure that you have an area to stay at during your off-season adventure. It’s also nice to get away from the city and to see the stars away from light pollution. The beauty of the British Outdoors is not just limited to the summer either, you can see some wonderful, picturesque locations in all of their glory in the autumn and winter months.

Preparing For Bad Weather

Although we have discussed the great benefits of caravanning in the autumn and winter, we must also take into consideration that the weather may not be the best. It’s important to prepare for bad weather to make sure that you are considering the safety aspects that may be associated with worsening weather. Some quick tips are as follows:

  • Carry a Small Heater
  • Put Salt in the Waste-Water Container (to stop freezing)
  • Insulate the Fresh-Water Container & Connection Pipe
  • Ensure all air Vents are Unblocked
  • Use an Awning Instead of Bringing Wet Items Inside

Remember, modern caravans are designed to be used all year round and not just for the high-season. Ensuring that you are using your caravan all year round ensures that you are not leaving it unused for extended periods of time and it makes sure that you can combat damp that can occur from storage.

Enjoy Your Next Caravanning Holiday

Off-Season Caravanning

We hope that this article has given you some tips or inspiration to go on your next caravanning holiday in the autumn and winter and not wait until summer rolls around again. With a huge amount of activities to carry out, wonderful sites to visit and hearty local food to sample what are you waiting for? Plan your next caravanning holiday for the autumn or winter months. If you happen to be looking for your next caravan then you should consider a new Bailey Caravan from our popular ranges such as the Bailey Unicorn Series 5 range. At Bailey Wales, we have been supplying Bailey Caravans in Cardiff and the surrounding areas for decades and we understand fully what you may be looking for in your new caravan. If you are looking for more tips or if you wish to find out more about Bailey Caravans then stay tuned for our next few blogs or contact Bailey Wales online using a contact form on our website. Alternatively, telephone our friendly team now on: 01792 64 33 26