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Dog Passports and Taking your Pooch Abroad in Your Own Caravan


Travelling With Your Dog


Whether it’s a furry feline, man’s best friend or even a lovable pet ferret! You may or may not know that your pet requires a passport when travelling abroad. Dog passports are a legal requirement should you be looking to travel to or from a country in the European Union as well as other countries in which the UK accepts pet passports including the US, Japan & Australia. This agreement is ideally suited for your furry friend, ensuring that the stressful process of quarantine does not have to be carried out when you arrive at your destination.


You won’t be travelling as far as Japan or the USA in your tourer but if you are planning a European caravanning holiday across the border with your dog – you will need to arrange for the relevant paperwork. If you do not know about dog passports or want to find out more about what a dog passport is or how to apply for one then read on! We have also included some top tips when taking your pooch abroad in your caravan! If you require further information or are looking for a Bailey Caravan in Cardiff, get in touch using an online contact form on our website or telephone at our team now.


Dog Passports – Everything You Need to Know


Although a pet passport may sound like a regular passport, there are some differences. Apart from featuring a picture of your faithful companion with the relevant stamps that they have collected for all the places they have visited, their passport will also contain all records of vaccinations and other procedures that have taken place. This acts as evidence that your dog is fit and healthy for the journey ahead and the passport will be required if you are visiting a country that requires this. \


How Do I Get a Dog Passport?


Certain vets are able to complete the necessary forms that you will need to fill in for you so it’s important to find a vet that can do this for you. If your vet does not offer pet passport services then ensure that you find a vet close to you that offers these services. You can also contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency. To obtain a dog passport, you will need to bring your dog as well as your pet’s identity and vaccination records. You will also have to provide evidence of rabies blood tests as your dog will need evidence of this. According to the Government Website:


“Check that the vet has filled in the following sections in the pet passport:

  • details of ownership – you must sign section I if your pet passport was issued on or after 29 December 2014
  • description of animal
  • marking or identification of animal
  • vaccination against rabies
  • rabies blood test (if needed)
  • details of the vet issuing the passport (for passports issued from 29 December 2014)
  • your dog’s tapeworm treatment (if needed)”

Travelling With Your Dog in a Caravan



Dog Passport



When your dog passport is secured, you are ready to travel to your desired destination. If you are travelling to Europe via ferry, it’s very important to check the requirements and regulations for the company in which you choose to travel with. We have compiled a list of top tips to help you when you are travelling with your pooch in your caravan.

  • Ensure that you are fully prepared and don’t change too many regularities for your dog. This will minimise the stress that can be caused when travelling.
  • Ensure that your pooch is comfortable for the trip. Designate his or her space in your car and make sure that they are comfortable. Remember to keep your dog in the car and do not store them in the tourer when on the move.
  • Bring familiar objects such as toys and a towel or shirt. This will keep your dog calm as the smell of home will keep a sense of familiarity during the journey.
  • Ensure that you keep your dog’s diet as close to their diet as home as possible. Changes in diet can upset your dog’s digestive system and upset them.
  • Ensure that you bring cleaning equipment such as fabric cleaner, carpet cleaner and air fresheners as you will be living very close to your pooch.
  • Bring a brush to brush your dog regularly and bring plenty of plastic bags for when you are out and about away from your caravan – exploring and enjoying the local landscape.

If you have any questions about obtaining a dog passport or want to find out more about taking your dog with you on a caravan holiday, get in touch today. Ensure that you choose a pet-friendly caravan site if you are pitching up on-site and follow our handy tips. Call us today or use an online contact form if you want to get in touch.