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Choosing From Our Wide Range of Caravan Accessories





Caravans (especially tourers) are highly versatile whilst on the road – offering a wide range of practical benefits. However, there are a wide range of caravan accessories that are available to help give more versatility and provide additional benefits whilst out on the road.


We have a huge array of caravan accessories available to enhance the experience when you are on your caravanning holiday as well as supplies that help with the maintenance of your caravan. Although Bailey Caravans are equipped with a wide range of innovative features – the addition of our caravan accessories allows for you to get more out of your caravanning holidays, ensure that your caravan is safe whilst on the road and allows you to increase the security of your caravan.


Investing in a Caravan Awning


For those that require more floor space or require a designated area outside of their caravan – a caravan awning is a fantastic investment. Choosing a caravan awning is similar to choosing a tent as you will need to decide on the material of awning, if you require a groundsheet and which poles you need to set up your awning whilst on the road. There are numerous benefits should you decide to invest in an awning:


  • Awnings can increase the amount of living space that you have in your caravan without having to invest in a bigger caravan. This is perfect for families or guests as you can create an extremely comfortable living area within your caravan. 
  • Awnings can create a storage space outside of your caravan. If you are worried about getting mud or letting people leave their muddy shoes in your spotless caravan – you can utilise the awning area to store wet clothes and muddy boots. Awnings are also a great place for your pets to hang out and relax – giving them a space while you arrange for cleaning after a particularly muddy adventure! 
  • Caravan awnings are available in a wide range of different materials which gives you a huge amount of choice when choosing your new awning. Your awning is a space that you can enjoy all year round whether you are looking for a place to relax in the sun or shelter from the rain. This makes your awning the perfect investment when looking for additional space for your caravan area without having to pay for an upgrade to your current caravan.


We also have a fine range of AIRBeam, Kampa, Dorema, Bradcot & CampTech awnings & Porches in our covered display above our fine accessory store.


No Place Better for Caravan Accessories Than Our Showrooms!


Caravan Accessories Bridgend



There’s no better place for caravan accessories than at Blazers or Sunnyhaven. Whether you require cleaning and maintenance supplies or awning / caravan cleaners – we have the products available to suit your needs to the letter. 


We also offer a wide range of electrical accessories to help make trips more enjoyable when you are on the road. e offer Maxview Omnisat, Winder Satellite Systems and Portable Satellite Systems. These can be used to provide you with television when you are caravanning. 


If you are in need of products to increase the security of your caravan – we offer a range of hitchlocks and wheel clamps to keep your caravan secure. We offer Bulldog Security Products, Milenco & Purpleline. We have many more in our showroom so ensure that you visit should you be looking for caravan security products.


We have all the accessories that you need to enhance your caravanning experience and ensure that you have everything that you need whilst on the road. Visit our showrooms today to browse through the products that we have available!