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It’s a fantastic time to consider purchasing a new or used caravan in Rhondda. There’s a huge community of caravanners in the UK (an estimated 550,000 tourers on the road alone!) With such a great community to join and a great amount of holidays to be had once we return to some form of normality – there’s no time like the present to invest in your caravan.


There are a wide range of different designs available and the Bailey brand is no exception. We have a close and fantastic relationship with Bailey of Bristol and we are the leading provider of Bailey caravans across Wales. Rhonda is no exception and we have helped many of our clients find their brand new Bailey caravan or a used caravan that suits them! Whether you are a highly experienced caravanner or are new to the caravan world – we will help you find the perfect caravan that suits you.

Joining the Ever-Growing Caravanning Community


There is a massive caravanning community in the UK that is growing. Despite challenges to the holiday sector, caravanners were having a lot of fun arranging for staycations or holidays where they were camping in their garden at home. This shows the versatility of caravan holidays and once things return to the ‘new normal’ we are very much hoping that caravan holidays can resume across the country. Many people have seen the benefits of caravanning first hand and the fun that you can have without having to book flights or accommodation:


  • You can travel on holidays on a budget which allows you to splash out when visiting nice restaurants but allowing you to save in other areas. As your caravan is a home away from home – you bring all of the practical elements with you. 
  • We are unsure as to what holidays will look like with the ‘new normal’ in the future. However – we do know that your caravan is a safe place in which you can travel and you will be able to travel with your home away from home. Caravanning holidays are also the perfect way to make memories forever with your family and avoid the expensive costs of hotels and accommodation.


A Wide Range of Caravans Available for New Caravanners


If you are looking to enter the world of caravanning – it’s likely that you will purchase a used caravan when you are purchasing your first caravan. A used caravan is a great way to find the caravan style and layout that suits you and you don’t have to spend as much as when purchasing a brand new caravan. If you do want to choose all of the options – a new caravan is a better choice as you can fully customise your caravan. Our expert team will guide you all of the way and we will answer any questions that you may have when purchasing your first caravan.

We Are Available to Help You Find the Perfect Caravan in Rhondda


Experienced caravanners will know what they want in terms of layouts and style so are likely looking at the new caravans that are available. We have the latest superbrand Bailey Caravans ready for the 2021 season. These caravans are the peak of caravan innovation and are a wonderful range of caravans. Suited for a wide range of different caravan holidays – you can rely on your Bailey tourer to make your holidays that much better.


Whether you are a highly experienced caravanner or are new to the caravan world – we will help you find the perfect caravan that suits you. If you are looking for caravans in Rhondda, we are available and are more than happy to speak to you about your caravanning needs. Get in touch by using an online contact form on our website or call now.

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