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Caravans Ammanford

Caravans Ammanford

Now could be a great time to consider purchasing a new or used caravan in Ammanford. This is because of the fact that holidays have arguably changed forever with the adjustments that we are all having to make at present – with the ‘new normal’ likely posing challenges for ‘traditional’ holidays. Although caravan holidays and staycations have always been a staple of the traditional British holiday in the past – flights and expensive hotel holidays or all-inclusive have become more and more popular in recent years until the shock of the pandemic through 2020 and into 2021. 

At Bailey Wales, we have helped our clients purchase caravans in Ammanford for many years. Our extensive experience allows us to discuss your needs and provide you with a caravan that suits your needs to the letter. If you are on the lookout for a brand-new Bailey 2021 Super-brand Tourer or a pre-owned/pre-loved caravan for a more affordable budget, then our caravan experts are here to help you all the way and ensure that you get the exact model of caravan you are after.

For caravans in Ammanford, please just get in touch with a member of our friendly team today and we are waiting for your call.

What’s so good about discovering a new, free and unrestricted life?


Joining the caravanning community is a wonderful experience and it’s no surprise that there are over 550,000 caravan owners in the UK. This is because of the fact that caravanning holidays have always been highly popular and are also a great alternative to holidays involving flights and hotels. This means that you can travel on a budget as well as have access to your own personal facilities such as your kitchen, W/C and living areas. Caravanning is fantastic because of the fact that you can enjoy the following:


  • As well as being able to cook your own meals to save money – you are able to choose when you eat out so this allows you to budget for meals with ease. 
  • There’s a huge amount of paid as well as free activities across Wales & the UK. You can take advantage of a variety of different activities for all ages – guaranteed fun for all the family. 
  • The off-season is a great way to enjoy non-premium prices and can provide a whole new range of adventures. If you are travelling to a destination in peak season, it’s also great to be working with a budget so that you can enjoy luxuries such as ice cream.


With the new normal,’ we likely do not know what the future holds for the travel industry in terms of flights and hotels. Holidays are almost inevitable to be cancelled, restricted or require you to have been tested with a certificate and vaccinated to travel! Who knows how long this will continue. Maybe it’s time you joined us for “Caravanning get up & go”?

New to caravanning? Don’t panic, our experts can guide you through everything you need to know.


For new caravanners – you may be looking to find out which caravan suits you or the style that you like. This may mean that you want to make a lower investment before you go ahead and purchase your new customised tourer. We have many used caravans that could be just what you are after, we have a budget to suit everyone.

For caravans in Ammanford, get in touch with a member of our friendly team today. You can use an online contact form button on the page or email our team directly now.

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