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Are you looking for the perfect caravan in the Pontypridd area? Here at Bailey Wales we are the leading caravan dealership in South Wales and are proud to stock the entire range of brand new superbrand Bailey Caravans. With numerous luxury models to choose from and options of different berths, axels, and of course, budgets, there really is a caravan for everyone here at Bailey Wales. Not only do we stock brand new Bailey Caravans, but we also have a great selection of pre-owned caravans that could pass as brand new and have been thoroughly checked by our caravan technicians.


To enquire about  Pontypridd caravans, call our team of friendly caravans experts today on 01792 643326, or visit our Sunny Haven or Blazers caravan parks where you can browse our range of caravans. Browse our range of brand new caravans online today!

Investing In A Caravan – Secondhand Or New?

If you are planning on buying a caravan, you are going to find loads of fantastic caravans to choose from at dealers like Baileys Wales, but the primary selections you will have to resolve prior to making this investment is whether or not to go for a new or preowned caravan. It’s important to be clear on what you want prior to starting, and there are numerous advantages and disadvantages to both types.

Here are a few helpful tips in this educational purchasing guideline to help you choose.

Pre-Loved Caravans

Investing in a 2nd- hand caravan gives you a number of advantages, the key one being the decreased cost. There are some superb discounts to be enjoyed with previously used caravans, and you’ll be in a position to have a better spec model for similar money than you’d with a brand new one, whether that’s with a larger caravan or even a more compact caravan with more useful features.

If you are still indecisive about whether caravanning is ideal for you then sticking to a rigid price range and restraining your investment is yet another good plan for those who have not owned or operated a caravan before, and are still not certain whether or not it’s really right for you.

Concurrently, all motors, caravans and motorhomes will start to depreciate in value from the moment they’re initially purchased. Having a second-hand caravan can decrease less quickly as compared to new caravans.

Due to the really large number of superior caravans available on the market, finding a second-hand caravan that is ideal for your family’s requirements should be an extremely clear-cut matter since there is a massive marketplace for pre-loved caravans.

If you are investing in used as your initial caravan, make an effort to see the caravan with someone that knows a little about caravanning and gets it checked over comprehensively before you commit. This brings up one of the biggest gripes with acquiring used considering that you may be managing an individual seller. We would always recommend you to definitely enquire with an approved retailer of used caravans because you are assured a warranty/ guarantee unless of course disclosed otherwise. Check out our selection of pre-owned caravans on our site now!

Brand New Caravans

Warranties on new caravans are often better than on their second-hand counterparts. Some companies, for instance, provide up to a decade.

When choosing a brand new caravan, you will certainly find the best selection of layouts and specifications, whilst benefitting from the most up-to-date material and building methods aimed towards decreasing the caravan’s weight and water tightness. You may also discover that heating systems and electricity are employed more efficiently with more recent caravans for the reason that technology is more complex.

As a caravan’s initial owner, you regularly have the choice to custom-build your caravan’s layout to your personal demands giving you a really tailor-made room or space you have built from the bottom up.

When you are planning to decide on a new caravan then you need to consider a few things with the style and design, layout and scheme in the unit. There are numerous things to consider when determining the build within your caravan.

  • General financial budget
  • size/ total capacity of your respective towing motor vehicle.
  • The number of individuals sleeping in the caravan.
  • The desire for room invading amenities: shower, toilet, cooking area for example.
  • The desire for living space infiltrating gadgets: TV, cooking appliances by way of example.
  • Fuel economy normally the smaller the caravan the less fuel you will use to tow it.
  • Straightforward towing.
  • Storage Space demands.

Like when constructing anything from the floor up, there’s always a compromise. This can be far more apparent with a caravan build as your needs are likely to directly impact the end result of one’s new caravan. Make sure you determine everything you cannot alter or manage( including the bare minimum number of beds ), as it’ll quickly form the preferred compromise of size, budget and usefulness making sure that you have your ideal caravan.

Why Choose Us For Pontypridd Caravans?

If you find yourself searching ‘Pontypridd caravans’ then look no further than Bailey Wales. As one of the leading caravan dealerships in South Wales, providing a range of brand new and pre-owned caravans all suitable for different pricing budgets, there really is a caravan for everyone here at Bailey Wales. Located in Swansea, our service area expands the whole of South Wales, including Pontypridd. So if you’re interested in finding the perfect caravan in Pontypridd, you can always come to have a look at our extensive range at our Bailey Wales caravans dealership sites.