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Benefits of Going on a Caravan Holiday – ‘Caravanning Get Up and Go’


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Everyone knows that a caravanning holiday is a perfect retreat for all of the family. You may be thinking about joining the caravanning community and choosing to purchase either your first or next caravan but are unsure about the benefits of a caravan holiday. This article will reveal all of the fantastic benefits of going on a caravanning holiday. From choosing your caravan to choosing your preferred destinations to visit – a caravanning holiday is a perfect way to make memories that will last forever. If you want to find out more about caravans or our range of Bailey Caravans then ensure that you enquire with our friendly team using an online contact form on our website or telephone: 01792 64 33 26

Why Should I Purchase a Caravan?


If you haven’t made the decision to purchase your caravan then you may be looking for the final few reasons to go ahead and make the purchase. Caravanning holidays are perfect and really cost-effective – especially compared to other methods of travelling on holiday. Flights, for example, are very expensive and you will find that once you arrive – you will have to rent a property and will not have access to a car unless you decide to arrange for a rental. Travelling with your touring caravan ensures that you have your vehicle with you and a true home away from home. This is perfectly suited for those who want to save money whilst going on a fantastic holiday. So read on to find out about the numerous benefits of going on a caravan holiday:


1. A Touring Caravan is Truly a Home Away From Home


Modern caravans have a wide range of features and design options that make your touring caravan a luxurious home away from home. Although you are on the road – Bailey Caravans are always fully equipped for your comfort which allows you to enjoy all of your home comforts while you are on holiday. You can personalise your caravan to add your personal touch and you can add extra features such as a caravan awning to give you additional outside space. Going on a caravan holiday allows you to have a comfortable place to sleep – without having to pay significant amounts for accommodation.


2. Fun For All of the Family


Caravanning holidays are perfect for all family members. You can have a great amount of fun doing a range of different activities as well as seeing all of the sites that are available. They are perfectly suited for younger and older children as you are able to tailor the activities that you will be participating in while on holiday. You can even bring your dog as well but if you are bringing your four-legged friend – ensure that the site where you are pitching up is dog-friendly. A caravan holiday is perfect to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to enjoy some relaxing time away with your loved ones.


3. Caravanning Holidays are Highly Cost-Effective


You can enjoy a wonderful holiday on a budget when bringing along your touring caravan. As discussed, travelling with your caravan is much cheaper than booking a flight and you will not have to pay to rent a vehicle, house or hotel. You can actually travel very far with your caravan, with convenient routes spanning the entirety of Europe and beyond. Caravan sites are highly competitive in price whilst offering an array of additional facilities that you can use. Look out for if your pitching site offers shower facilities, cleaning areas for washing up, toilet facilities and catering areas. 

4. You Can Bring All of the Essentials That You Will Need


One of the most stressful aspects of going on holiday is the packing process. You should be really looking forward to some relaxing time away but how to pack your suitcase, how to meet the weight restrictions and how to best stuff all of your clothes and essentials into one bag dominates the pre-holiday process. When going on a caravanning holiday – you can pack as many suitcases as you want (within reason) and pack all of the essentials that you may need including medicines and other items. You also won’t need to worry about limitations on liquids when travelling with your tourer.

5. Making Friendships Whilst on Holiday


Caravanning is an extremely social way of going on holiday. You are able to travel with friends as well as family to have a truly amazing holiday experience. You will also be able to meet new friends and neighbours when you arrive at the caravan site which allows you to meet new friends who also love caravanning. These friends can be future caravanning partners which allows you to explore the world of caravanning even further and through new perspectives. 

6. Explore a Wonderful Range of New Locations


There are many beautiful and wonderful places to explore with your touring caravan. Whether you enjoy outdoor adventures or walks – the UK and beyond have many well-known and secret attractions to explore. You’ll have more time to spend too! With no need to be ‘checked-out by 12 pm’ you can explore all of the sites and enjoy more when you are visiting a new or your favourite destination. There are many caravanning sites that are situated in highly convenient areas – allowing you to get access to everywhere that you will want to visit and more when you reach your desired destination.


What’s your favourite reason to go on a caravanning holiday? If you are looking to purchase your first caravan – we hope that these points will encourage you to make the investment. You aren’t just buying a Bailey Caravan. You are purchasing a luxurious tourer which will allow you to travel in comfort and make priceless, timeless memories with your family. Find out more by taking a look at our new Bailey Caravans as well as our pre-owned caravans. Enquire using an online contact form or telephone a member of our team now on: 01792 64 33 26


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