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Top 7 Destinations to Visit in Wales With Your Caravan


Top 7 Destinations to Visit in Wales With Your Caravan


There is no doubt that the beauty of Wales is renowned across the world. Known for its picturesque scenery, wonderful mountainous areas and historic coastline – it’s easy to arrange for a wonderful getaway in your touring caravan. Although you may not have considered travelling with your caravan, having a home on the road is the perfect way to enjoy the history, wildlife, scenery and culture that is so abundant across Wales.


With the wonderful summer weather fast approaching, we have compiled a list of the top 7 destinations to visit in Wales with your caravan. These areas are known for their wonderful scenery, relaxing atmospheres as well as an ideal place to reside in your caravan and to make wonderful memories on your next caravanning adventure.


Before You Set Out on Your Journey


Before you prepare to go on your next caravanning holiday, we have compiled some tips and pointers to help you prepare for your next adventure. We have added some general pointers to prepare your caravan for the new season below:


  • Ensure that you check your tyres.
  • Check for any damp that may be present in your caravan.
  • Reconnect the battery if this has been disconnected.
  • Check your equipment (including safety & security systems.)
  • Take time to carry out some cleaning on your caravan.
  • Test and prepare your water tanks.
  • Check road lights as these are extremely important for others on the road.

Preparing For Your Holiday


To prepare for your holiday, it’s important to remember to pack all of the essentials that you will need for your holiday. What you need to take may depend on a few factors. If you are planning on eating at restaurants for example then you may not need to take cooking supplies but if you plan on creating any meals then you will need to be fully equipped. Washing up aids can be taken as well as towels, tea towels and toiletries. Clothes and food are an obvious choice but make sure that you are fully prepared for all weathers and situations. Packing extra clothes and warm layers is also a great idea especially if you are unsure as to whether the weather may turn at a moments notice. It’s important not to overpack however as you need to remember the weight limit of your vehicle and touring caravan.


1. Carningli, Parrog & Newport Sands – Newport





The first location on our list is in Newport based between the backdrop of Carningli and the waterfront of Parrog and Newport Sands. There is a range of caravan friendly sites such as Morawelon Camping & Caravanning in this wonderful location for a beach destination. Pitch up here and enjoy the wonderful sites or plan an exciting trek to Mynydd Carningli. This area is perfect for a getaway and has a wide range of fun activities. Whether you are planning on doing a series of hiking expeditions or want to lounge in the sun, there’s something for everyone!


2.  Manorbier Beach – Tenby



Manorbier Beach


Manorbier Beach is south westerly facing, making this an ideal surfing destination. A wonderful beachfront, this is an ideal destination to those visiting Tenby and the Pembrokeshire coast. The beach also has several facilities such as cafes, a pub and an ice cream van.


Tenby is a harbour town which also includes other attractions such as Castle Beach & the ruins of Tenby Castle. Tenby is a highly famous destination in West Wales. There are a variety of sites that are caravan friendly around Tenby and these will allow you to again have a wonderful beach holiday. Just don’t forget to pack your buckets & spades as well as your sun cream!


3. Snowdonia National Park – Snowdonia



Snowdonia National Park


With over 823 square miles of diverse landscapes, the highest mountain in England & Wales (Mount Snowdon) and the largest natural lake in Wales, it’s no surprise that Snowdonia & Snowdonia National Park is a hugely diverse and popular holiday destination in Wales. The history of this area is also extremely fascinating with an array of castles as well as the Narrow Gauge Railways.


There is a variety of touring caravan sites in which you can visit to explore the vast expanses of Snowdonia & Snowdonia National Park. With huge expanses of land and areas to explore, this destination is perfect for a sightseeing or walking holiday. Prepare your walking poles and pack your hiking backpack for your next hiking adventure.


4. Pembrokeshire Coast Path – Pembrokeshire


Pembrokeshire Coast Path


Boasting ‘the most breathtaking coastline in Britain,’ The Pembrokeshire Coast Path in its entirety passes 58 beaches and 14 harbours and there are many different areas along the coast path to visit. As you can travel to different areas of the path by road, there are many areas in which you can choose to set up camp with your touring caravan and then set out to enjoy areas of the coastal path. If you are feeling adventurous, you could even explore an expanse of the path and return back to camp when you feel that you have investigated enough areas of the coast path.


5. Cardiff Castle – Cardiff


Cardiff Castle


Being one of Wales’ leading heritage attractions, Cardiff Castle is a place of extensive international significance. With a huge amount of history dating all the way back to the Roman times with the construction of The Roman fort at Cardiff being estimated at around the end of the 50s AD, the castle that you can see today is Victorian Gothic stylisation built on the remains of the Norman and Roman structures. This is a wonderful attraction to visit for you and your family and you can also visit the other attractions that Cardiff has to offer. There are touring caravan sites close to the castle as well as on the outskirts of the city itself so there are plenty of areas to make camp and enjoy the largest city in Wales.


6. Brecon Beacons National Park – South Wales


Brecon Beacons National Park


The Brecon Beacons are a famous mountain range situated in South Wales. This wonderful landscape is home to a wide range of various attractions including the Brecon Beacons National Park, Big Pit National Coal Museum & the National Showcaves Centre. For hiking enthusiasts, the Llyn Cwm Llwch lake is a popular destination for camping and hiking. There are a wide range of touring caravan sites especially around the Brecon Beacons National Park where you can set up and enjoy the wonderful landscape. Ensure that you explore the many caves and waterfalls that are at the National Park and enjoy the pure wonder of nature and the wildlife that is abundant in the Brecon Beacons.


7. Bodnant Garden – Colwyn Bay


Bodnant Garden


Offering a world-class garden, Bodnant Garden is a National Trust property and is one of the most beautiful gardens in Britain. The garden was created by the McLaren family and was given to the National Trust in the late 1940s. This is a wonderful clean and fragrant garden and offers a range of impressive terraces, a stream and steep wooded valley. The area allows you to explore the gardens and there are a variety of touring caravan sites nearby to let you enjoy this wonderful garden space.


Have you visited any of the places on our list? Where are you planning to go on your next caravanning holiday?