The past year has been nothing short of a whirlwind of chaos. Covid-19 has impacted every one of us in some shape or form, and thankfully we are now seeing a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Whilst domestic travel restrictions have been lifted within the UK, the same can’t be said for travelling abroad. There are still many countries that you still cannot travel to and the fact that our hospitality sector has now opened back up, a staycation for this year just makes sense, right? 


We understand that most of you will be itching to get abroad and to experience some of that hot sun that us Brits have come to love, but with a staycation, you get to take away half of the hassle and expenses that those holidays abroad are notorious for. If you are opting for a staycation this year you surely won’t regret it. The staycation has most definitely become the new vacation abroad, so embrace the opportunity for this year and create some beautiful memories with your family and friends.


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Much Less Stressful

When it comes to organising a holiday abroad it can be quite a stressful task. You have to first look for the best deals and accommodation, then sort out travel insurance, change your money to the correct currency, and that’s before you’ve even gotten to the airport. Covid-19 will bring a whole new level of stress to the situation where most countries need you to provide a positive test result 48 hours before you fly, or you could be expected to quarantine when you arrive at the country.


With a staycation you won’t be worrying about making it to the airport on time for that boarding gate, you can just pack up with no stress and set off to your destination in the UK.

Experience Some Of Britain’s Most Beautiful Scenic Locations


What many people tend to forget is that the UK is home to some strikingly beautiful destinations. There are endless travel opportunities to experience, whether it be Cornwall’s picturesque coastline towns that are full of sheer beauty or perhaps the rugged and breathtaking landscapes home to the Celtic heartland of the Scottish highlands. 


The best part is you can pack up and set off within your car or your motorhome and make the most of the thousands of caravan park sites and other accommodations available across the UK. 

You Can Support The Local Hospitality Industry


The UK hospitality industry has taken a massive hit over the past year and more brits choosing a staycation this year is just what the industry needs. By opting for a staycation you have an opportunity to help out with the local bars, shops, restaurants and accommodation in that area, which makes a staycation for this year both pleasurable for yourself, but charitable for others in local communities.

You Can Bring Your Dogs With You


When travelling abroad, if you own a dog you will often be left having to rely on friends and family to look after them whilst you are gone, or in some cases, you will have to use a kennel. The beauty and appeal of a staycation is that most places will allow you to bring your dogs. A caravan park is like a home away from home and most of the time, these types of accommodation sites are very dog friendly. 


As they say, dogs are like members of the family so being able to bring them along on your staycation is a great opportunity to create some wonderful memories that you and your family will be able to look back on.

There Is Much Less Planning Involved


One of the benefits of choosing a staycation is if you felt spontaneous one night and had a free working schedule over the weekend, it would require less planning and would be much more achievable than if you were to plan a holiday abroad. 

Something To Look Forward To

Whilst covid-19 has surely left us rethinking travelling, we all have an urge to make up for lost time on all those missed out travelling opportunities over the past year. Escaping normality for a little why is healthy and it’s what makes travelling and visiting new places so important. With covid still looming and disrupting travelling abroad, a staycation is a perfect answer that will allow you to escape and have something to look forward to. 


As staycations are much less expensive than a typical two week holiday abroad, you have the opportunity to have multiple staycations throughout the year, giving you all year round travel fulfilment and enjoyment.

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